A mom of two and decided to work online. Actually, I do multiple tasks being a mom that drives me mad but happy and contented.  A wife that makes it all in please 😀  A student, which I decided to go to college

healthy vital core

and now I’m on my way up and almost done to have my diploma. Yehey!

Been in a networking industry that drives me nuts! BUT gives me the best opportunity, 2 years running 3 🙂 Actually, at first I didn’t take it seriously until I find others who made it successful in this industry. I am a person that is shy and not a person oriented. That’s why I decided to take it online.

I am connected at Alliance in Motion Global Inc. or AIM Global a distributor of herbal supplements manufactured from the no.1 herbal manufacturer companies from Nature’s Way, USA and DMS, UK.

Believing I could give others good health – which what the world wants today. A healthy living which our environment had gone from disastrous calamities, more on,  environment is full of free radicals which we cannot avoid it but can fight it. And one more thing our everyday habits – gone wild!

It is not about convincing, it is about YOU! US!


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